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  Company History
   Michael C. Beversdorf graduated from Northeast Iowa Technical College.
   He relocated to Marietta, Georgia in 1985 and began working with Atlanta           
   area builders framing homes, running cornice and building custom decks.            
   He specialized in interior trim work, building staircases and specialty items
   such as mantels, pediments and window wall units.
   In 1991, Mike and his partner formed Hawkeye Trim Company. They
   developed steady working relationships with several renowned area
   builders and  continued to strengthen their company.

In 1998 Mike moved on to form Classic Design & Trim,  LLC.
   Mike knew that to be successful his company had to exceed
   the buyer's expectations with innovative designs and the latest
   construction  techniques,  all the while providing exceptional
   customer service.  
   Mike understands the importance of integrity and commitment.
   He knew he had to provide each  and every customer with
   superior quality craftsmanship, the finest hand-picked materials
   and above all, excellent customer service.  
   Mike currently lives in Woodstock, Georgia with his wife of 15
   years and their 3 sons.











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